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The Life of PRMS: Julia Bajereanu, Client Relations Specialist


I graduated from University of Wisconsin – Madison with a double-major in Accounting and Risk Management and Insurance. A job opportunity at an insurance company presented itself and I decided to focus on a career in insurance. I started in Underwriting and a year later transitioned to the Marketing Department, as an Events Specialist. The opportunity to travel and meet a lot of new people while organizing corporate events attracted me to the position.

While in Marketing, I built strong working relationships with our clients and partners. So, once the Client Relations Specialist position was posted almost two years ago, I knew I was ready to take on the new challenge. I am very grateful to my colleagues at PRMS for helping me learn and teaching me the ropes of the professional liability industry. Not only that, but I was encouraged to get a property/casualty insurance license. I love how supportive the company is of employee growth and education. Everyone at PRMS is so kind, welcoming and helpful. People truly care about one another here, which reflects into the care and support we provide our clients.

This year has been especially exciting for me as my husband and I welcomed our first child. We are very grateful that PRMS values family of its employees and encourages a balance between work and personal life. 

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